Medina, Saudi Arabia

Medina, Saudi Arabia


  • Al Masjid an NabawiAl Haram vicinity

  • Masjid GhamamaAl Haram vicinity

  • Masjid Umar bin KhattabAl Haram vicinity

  • Masjid QiblatinArea unknown

    Where the direction changed.

  • Masjid QubaArea unknown

    Where the Well of Aris is located. The first Mosque which was built once the Prophet ﷺ completed the migration from Mecca to Medina. (Also potentially the first mosque built??? Needs confirmation) There’s a mark on the ceiling indicating where the camel stopped and the Prophet ﷺ prayed.

  • Masjid Al JummahArea unknown

    Where the first Jummah was held once the Prophet ﷺ arrived to Medina

  • Notable sites

  • Al Baqi CemeteryAl Haram vicinity

  • Cave of Bani HaramArea unknown

  • Archers' HillUhud

  • Grave of Hamza bin Abd al-Muttalib al-Hashimi al-QurashiUhud

    Uncle and brother through breastfeeding of the Prophet ﷺ