Hey, I'm Syeef.

I'm a Software Product Designer at Cloudflare.

Hey, I'm Syeef.

I'm a Software Product Designer at Cloudflare.

• A dashboard to help customers manage the security and performance of their applications across the Network and Application layers.

• An Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows App to help customers improve the security and performance of their Network connection.

January 2019 - Now
Our usage and reliance of the Internet has changed a lot from when it was first introduced. Security wasn't initially considered as a priority and since then individuals have become a lot more aware of the value of their data and usage habits. I focussed on improving the dashboard experience specifically of the security products across L7, L3/L4, and the WARP applications.
Trast Logo - circle shape, half black, half white, rotated 45 degress


An interactive playground for picking color combinations. Built by Zahra Traboulsi.

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Screenshot of Trast website

An Android and iOS Mobile App to help customers send and receive money abroad.

April 2017 - December 2018

Led the design effort on various new features of the mobile app such as: transaction status, managing personal details, and refining the transfer journey.

As part of the Wallet Team, I led the conception, validation, and subsequent iterations of the WorldRemit Wallet. This was a feature integrated into the main app, however this allowed customers in selected regions to store funds.

Screenshot of WorldRemit iOS app Send screen

An Android and iOS Mobile App to help customers manage their account.

August 2014 - April 2017
I was involved with the conception, ideation, and user validation of the Android and iOS Apps. Customers can view completed and pending transactions, manage Direct Debit payments, pay using a debit card and update their personal information.
Screenshot of Capital One iOS app At a glance screen

Part of the founding team of the European arm.

March 2014 - October 2017

In March 2014 I started working with Joe Nash, Tim Fogarty and Bilawal Hameed on a project to help build a thriving student hackathon community in the EU. Mike Swift and Jon Gottfried were also trying to solve a similar problem in North America. A couple of phone calls, emails and deliberation sessions later, we began working together to grow the global student hackathon community. Today Major League Hacking helps support over 65,000 students and 200+ events and has a strong 10+ full time team behind it.

MLH gave me experience working at a startup from the earliest stages all the way through to raising a $1M seed round. The time spent has been well worth the positive impact and growth of the student hacker community.