Travel Guide; İstanbul, Turkey (IST)


  • Van Kahvalti - known to be the best breakfast in Istanbul.
  • Seven Hills - also amazing, really nice view

  • Nusr-et Grand Bazaar
  • Al Madina restaurant by Burak
  • Ulus - Japanese and dry aged steaks
  • Baran et Mangal - doesn’t look special at all, and it’s a restaurant that only the locals know, but one of their most popular restaurants — super close to Fatih Mosque

  • Mandabatmaz - Located in a small alley off Istiklal Street (shopping high street which leads to the Galata Tower)
  • Hafiz Mustafa - grab some knefeh and chill



Shisha Cafes

  • There’s a courtyard behind the mosque near grand bazaar which has really old school shisha cafes
  • Giriftar
  • Huqqa - emirgan one is nicest, but far. There’s another one closer
  • Lulu lounge - haven’t been but heard it’s ok
  • Under karakoy bridge there are some cafes too