April 2021 Notes


  • cmd+k or Spotlight style search on CF dashboard concept
  • Learning Recharts and how work with pulling data from an API and have play nicely with NextJS and Cloudfalre Pages. I have a feeling running server side functions easily with NextJS isn't supported by Cloudflare Pages yet, although I think it is with Netlify. If it's too much work I'll end up pivoting to a standard Create React App I suppose.


  • PixelCloud for Figma
    Steph Engle shared a Tweet explaing how PixelCloud (similar to Wake... a feed of screenshots of what people are working on, giving the opporunity to comment) was used at FB. An idea using Figma could to be create a plugin which shares either a file or frame to a app where users can comment etc.

  • Sharing Frame from Figma Plugin
    Similar to CleanShot X, I want to be able to select a frame, use the plugin, and paste. It should place the frame on a neat backgruond, and copy to the clipboard so all I have to do is paste.

  • Lighthouse style onboarding for CF
    Performance score and security score...

  • An App to delete multiple posts from Instagram
    The existing apps look terrible and seem to only be available on Android - I wonder what's happening on iOS...

  • An easy way to send payments to anyone with any currency via a username
    Why isn't it possible using Wise or WorldRemit etc to eaily send money in any currency to a user of the same platform.

Cover photo

Cover photo for this month was made using Photoshop - although I'm sure Illustrator can be used as well.


  1. Angular gradient
  2. Apply a gaussian blur (40px)
  3. Use the smudge tool
  4. Duplicate the layer and apply multiple, adjust the opacity
  5. Add noise
  6. Add text (Font is called "Lemon Milk")