Getting to Grips with Logistics

The basics of organising a hackathon is already well documented, but what if we took a bit of time to really understand how to improve the experience

September 04, 2016

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Organising a hackathon isn’t an easy task. A lot of the basics of how to organise a great hackathon have been covered, and lots of resources are available. In this presentation however, I try to highlight and provoke a bit more thought around the philosophy of different aspects of a hackathon.

For example, hackers usually need somewhere to work during the hackathon, often times organisers will opt for tables, but what about something like bean bags, hammocks, or standing desks? What about catering towards hackers who actually work better in different locations?

This was a presentation I gave on Sunday 4th September at MLH HackconEU in Eindhoven, Netherlands.