A collection of my thoughts, rants, and rambles; making for somewhat interesting reads.

Getting to Grips with Logistics

September 04, 2016

A presentation I gave at HackconEU in Eindhoven, Netherlands helping hackathon organisers understand more of the philosophy around different aspects of organising a hackathon.

Fearless Feedback

April 01, 2015

A presentation I gave at Capital One discussing the importance of feedback and the most effective methods to share it.

A presentation I gave at Mobile Notts discussing the differences between Material Design and Flat Design

What I think a receipt from an online travel website would look like in an ideal world. One can dream.

StudentHack Presentation

January 09, 2014

A presentation I gave to MMU students trying to convince them why they should attend StudentHack!

Just a quick explanation of how I managed to create a sticky footer using the Skeleton HTML5 Boilerplate